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Personal winning dressed in corporate bullshit

How many times haven't we seen e-mails being cascaded to all employees with content similar to this: "So and so has decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities. We wish him/her success in his/her future endeavours"

Now, this may just be a sincere wish from VP. Or .... it's Corporate BS. It all depends a little on how it is framed.

Let's say that the e-mail also has an overview of the recent re-org. Then the non-bullshit version of the e-mail should read: "We competed. I won! So and so lost and is fired".

Or the context is general downsizing. Then of course the non-bullshit version is: "So and so cost too much and does too little, so he's fired".

I'm sure you can come up with more scenarios.

The bottom line is that the sender always comes out on top which is the whole purpose in the first place. Even in the unlikely case of a sincere wish from VP.

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