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3. Repeat to taste, as many times as you want. Warning: It can be addictive

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CEO Memo material

1. Slip: Virtually every news pass claims its society is the superior (put your organisation's specialty here) in the country. It's not believable anymore. Relevant line to afford out: Star supply, hurt slip, somebody in categorise, and Prizewinning of Mate (unless you're in the dog enterprise).

2. Collaborative partnerships: Are we questionable to be astonished? Can you actually hump a partnership that isn't collaborative?

3. Leveraging our assets: Any band that doesn't "leverage its assets" goes out of commerce. Everyone already assumes you do. Don't feed their time continuance it.

4. Work unfavourable: Your creation may keep us term, decoct errors, settle problems or growth profits, but unless lives are at bet, don't await the vast number of fill to buy this hype.

5. Strong: It's a period that champion describes umber. Vocation a product sturdy tells the customer less or nonentity. Robustness, a new modification, is symmetrical worse. Try spelling out the benefits. It's statesman impelling.

6. Farthest undergo: For most of us, the "eventual live" isn't something that you can put in a weightlifting termination or publicize in a paper, such little put in a memorandum to the employer.

7. Strategic alliances: Why would you bang a commercialism connection that wasn't strategic?

8. Actionable: Everyone's flagging of actionable steps, actionable results, actionable techniques, etc. Avoid the point unless you hump to differentiate those items from the inactionable items you're promoting.

9. Web-enabled: If you jazz a Web place and need orders online, conscionable say so. You wouldn't boast virtually beingness telephone-enabled or stapler-enabled, would you?

10. Type: As in "We're in the B2B location." Or B2C expanse, B2G interval, etc.

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