Corporate Bullshit Generator


1. Click the Generate bullshit button

2. Watch bullshit appear in the box. (you can copy at will and share with corporate friends)

3. Repeat to taste, as many times as you want. Warning: It can be addictive

Latest Update: Check out the Graphical Bullshit generator. Press the "GO" button on the image and BINGO!

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What is the most annoying or overused phrase or buzzword in the workplace today? What is your favourite? Tell Us!

Top 10 things nervous employees don't want to hear

  • "Don't worry your job is secure!" or "Your job is safe."

  • "By the way, is your laptop in your office?"

  • "We're giving you a one-time opportunity to expand your resume."

  • "Wouldn't it be great to spend more time with your family?"

  • "Where do you see your career going with us in the next year?"

  • "We're not laying you off, we're just not rehiring you."

  • "Are you going to be here this Friday? Say...around 3 p.m.?"

  • "So how's your wife's job going?"

  • "We are re-sizing our global footprint."

  • "Could you close the door, please?"

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