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Back in Business (?)

So I had to spend some time saving my job. Hence the quietness.

Quite an interesting exercise in human bad behaviour. Not so much on my part (I hope) but referencing to my earlier post on re-orgs ( I've endured some serious Corporate BS during the past couple of weeks.

For the moment I'll just give you the menu of topics to be covered in posts to come

  • Small person behaviour: Not in the sense of people being small but having seriously small brains attached to an oversize ego
  • Alpha male e-mail fencing: You'd be surprised of the level of testosterone that can be stored in an e-mail.
  • Personal winning dressed in Corporate BS: Ever wondered what it means when VP writes a note like this: "X has decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities. We wish him luck in his future endeavours"?
  • "I'm your boss!": Hmm, I knew that already. What does VP want?
  • Strategy: The art of doing the same damned thing again
  • Synergies revisited: Is it really that brilliant to follow a two year old plan?

So did I save my job? The jury is still out. Well at least I hope there is a jury.

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